Project title: The Seasons In Roundhay Park 

Filming: June 2019 - May 2020

This is a proposal of sponsorship, for a film project focused upon Roundhay Park, Leeds and the issue of climate change.

I was surprised to find that virtually no films have been made about this vast expanse of beautiful nature, so I made a twelve minute film called ‘March in Roundhay Park’. I filmed exclusively throughout March this year to capture the beginning of Spring and I tried to show the many parts of the park that we enjoy every day. The film is getting good feedback and Leeds TV have asked to broadcast it on their channel on the 30th of May with repeats.

My proposal is to make four more films, similar to the first, but one for each season. The park changes quickly and it would be fascinating to record this circle of change for one year. Since uploading the film, I have spoken to The Friends Of Roundhay Park and Leeds City Council Funding Support Scheme, and from the feedback received I am encouraged to seek assistance in the form of sponsorship.

In developing this project and through speaking with colleagues it seems logical to address an important issue, possibly the most important issue affecting us all, the environment. The two go hand in hand. I would look to include interviews with local people and organisations who are trying to help the environment or help educate us, like the Friends of Roundhay Park and Roundhay Environmental Action Project. I would invite local politicians to answer questions and offer information, updating any progress throughout the year.

The park is stunning every day, I have rarely failed to get a good shot because it is well looked after and cared for. It is important to many people and, if we frame those shots in the context of the environment they become more powerful as a symbol of what we stand to lose.

The films should also be educational. In the first, I included some of the things I learned when researching the park. For any future films I would look to include more about the park’s history and also, include local schools or young people’s organisations that perform their own projects in the park, like bug hunting or the tree trails, or other environmental or nature based activities. All interspersed with shots of the changing park.

I believe I have the experience to produce, film and edit this project with balance and focus. The park and the environment will be the core, education will be very important. The project should remain beautiful, light hearted, honest and purposeful at all times. I hope to start filming in June 2019 for the start of the summer season, which will include capturing the park before, during and after the Ed Sheeran concert; for the positive aspect of the park being seen globally and also to show the work that goes into cleaning up the park, including many volunteers.

All figures relating to the cost of sponsorship are available on request from

A sponsor can fund one or more months of the year, to include a dedicated message in the credits and if possible, feature in the film in a way that relates to the park or the environmental subject.

I would estimate the length of a film about each season to be around 25 to 35 minutes long, and each month can be output as a standalone film of perhaps 10 to 15 minutes long to be shared more easily and for each organisation to have their own dedicated month or months with further dedicated credits. All films will be available to view on YouTube and broadcast on local television if Leeds TV choose to show more.

My background briefly; I filmed and edited the feature length documentary for Oakwood Traders and Residents Association over a two year period concerning the restoration of Oakwood Clock, and have produced two short films for Oakwood Farmers’ Market. I have also produced films for the National Health Service, Bovis Construction and many charity and business organisations, and have a Masters Degree in Moving Image Production.

I welcome your input and ideas and would be happy to discuss any aspect of the project and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to see the film, here it is...

Kind regards

Tony O’Reilly